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end of a long vacation

Going back tomorrow to my corporate jungle. Today is the last day of vacation after a 7 day rest and recreation, its back to work.

Wish there are more of this long vacations. Working in Asia, it is always Mon to Fri from 8 to 5 for almost 365 days a year (minus the weekend of course). Unlike with my counterparts in Europe, they are allowed 2 weeks vacations without questions and it is almost like holy to them to take vacation that they (or we) cannot move it. In Asia, you get questioned by the boss why you are taking such along vacation and most often than not they cut in in half ( or worst to 2 days at a time) before they say yes. For this reason, Asia almost never sleep, it is grinding to fuel the economy of the 1st world  countries 24/7(we being the workers).

What a life !


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Kids in pool

Kids are out of school for their summer vacation plus it is a Holy Week and no work. A perfect occasion for the family to plan for an outdoor activity.

I bought again for the nth time an inflatable pool for the kids. I do not remember any more how many i bought, they just do not last very long, it starts with one hole then another then another and it gets crazy trying to repair than buy a new one. Kyle had it Kathy had one then Anton should have one. Now that Anton is 2yrs old, he got to have a pool.

With the pool set in the garden, they have a grand time playing ang dipping in the cool water. Hope i can hop in 🙂

kids in pool 1

 kids in pool 2

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Camping at Caliraya

This week is a rather long weekend for the family. It was a day-off for me on the 19th and the next coming days are holy week vacation and coming Monday is again a day-off . It was time to plan for a family activity.

This is our first camping adventure for 2008. We arrived at the camp site  (Surf Camp resort) at about 11AM after nearly a 2 hour drive due to traffic. Caliraya is about 80kms from were we live. To know more about Caliraya and our camp site, visit: http://surfcampcaliraya.wordpress.com/

We left the camp site at 7PM and it was dark already when we packed our stuff. Prompting me to attach the rook rack road light to flood the camp site with enough light to see what we were doing. Without my knowledge this has drained my battery. When we are about to leave after all stuff was in the car and the kids are strapped in their car seat, the car it won’t start (wow! dead batteries). Fortunately their was a camping neighbor who willingly allowed to use his car to jump start my engine. We were in the road in no time after thanking the guy. It was an uneventfull drive down the mountain and going out of Laguna, until we planned to visit our place in Batangas that the traffic was so heavy entering Turbina. We changed plan and turned around after a few meters from traffic and went to Shell McDo at SLEX for dinner then headed for home sweet home.

Pictures from camping.

barbeque time.


group shoot.

family pic

 night shoot.

night shoot

  camp grounds.

camp grounds view 1

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